Why my wife preferred dinner instead of jewelry

Romantic dinner by the dim light of the candles… What could be better than the environment to express your feelings or to recall them…?

Yes, it might seem crazy, but our 10th anniversary would have become the greatest romantic present for my dearest wife. I had turmoil of emotions in my heart, since I wanted everything to be perfect and made my woman feel the Queen.

I am neither gourmand nor a chef, so I decided to limit myself with seafood and dessert. Having armored myself with supermarket products and cookery book, I rolled up my sleeves and got down to business. I made up my mind to impress my wife with a number of exotic dishes and an unexpected dinner.

Having picked a few of receipts, I followed the recommendations of the book's chefs carefully. To tell the truth, I am not an expert at cooking, but this time it was necessary to exert every effort and make this evening unforgettable. I wanted to show my appreciation to my wife for the years of work about the house and bringing up our son.

Why do the couples need a romantic dinner from time to time? First and foremost, romantic dinner is a wonderful way to add warmness and trust to the already established relationship. Second, it can also serve as a kind of stepping stone to their development or transition to a more intimate sphere. In my case, I wanted to show appreciation for all happy moments with my wife and make her face radiant with the smile.

In addition, I wanted to present my wife a beautiful jewelry set from The Eternity Rose in a beautiful atmosphere. Sarah adored the jewelry and changed her look every time she left the house. She was highly in love with unexpected gaze and marvelous words in her address. As a man, I was jealous, but my wife never made me lose the trust for her.

I was waiting at the table with the beautiful food and adornment in my hands. When she opened the door, I saw the expression of surprise on her face. I came up to her, took my woman in my arms and whispered the words I said many years before.

The invitation to the table came immediately from my mouth. My wife sat with me and remembered the old times. We were looking into each other's eyes, enjoyed seafood and strawberry ice-cream and embraced a lot. I remembered every little detail of our years together.

Finally, the moment came. I took a box with the necklace out of my pocket and gave to my wife with the tenderest words I was able to produce in my head. She asked me to put the necklace on her neck with my hands and gave me a million of smiles.

After all, Sarah looked in my eyes deeply and pronounced the words I expected from her for the long time. I felt the most important man in the whole world. But the last words gave me much surprise. Sarah thanked me for the dinner, and told she got more satisfaction from my romantic dinner than from the necklace bought from the shop.

She said: «My love, I know how hard you tried. For me the most important is your appreciation and hard work about the dinner than the present bought from the shop. In you, I see the greatest enjoyment and love when you do this with your own hands. My soul is with your appreciation this time. Love you».


Hello, my name is Alex and I love to cook. In fact, I have been cooking since I was a young boy. My father used to take me on fishing trips and he taught me how to clean and cook whatever we caught that day. From the very first moment I ate something that I cooked I was hooked.