About Me

Hello, my name is Alex and I love to cook. In fact, I have been cooking since I was a young boy. My father used to take me on fishing trips and he taught me how to clean and cook whatever we caught that day. From the very first moment I ate something that I cooked I was hooked.

Now I’m a thirty-eight year old cook, married to a lovely woman for ten years, and we have an amazing eight year old daughter. I’ve instructed her on how to cook different things and she has loved it so far. But more than that, I learned during this process that I love to teach cooking. And that brings us to this blog.

I started it to share my passion for food preparation activities, from catching it, to cleaning it, to cooking it. My biggest love, however, is seafood. There is nothing better than shrimp on the grill but a nice halibut steak comes in a close second. In this blog I’ll be sharing different ways to prepare seafood of all varieties, from shrimp to lobster. It’s going to be fun. I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me.